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Free Stuff

A collection of my favourite sources for things that I don’t have to pay money for.
If you have any suggestions for the list, email me!

Free Stock Photography
Requires a registration but the registration is free and the images are high resolution.
While Dreamstime mostly does paid photos, they also have a expansive free section. Requires a free registration.


Free Vector Images 
My number one source for vector goodies. Good variety and quality. Easy to download.
Another great source. The name says it all.
Can you go wrong with a name lake that? Some neat images to download.


Free Fonts
They have more than 1001 free fonts. I’ve been using this site for years. Easy browsing and downloading.
A classic font site.  Thousands of fonts! All yours!
A newer font site but a good source.
An odd font site but might have what you need.


Free Software
Open source 3D modelling and animation software. A little difficult to get the hang of but very powerful program. Updated frequently.
GNU Image Manipulation Program is probably the most popular free Photoshop replacement. It doesn’t have ALL the features of the Photoshop but it does a good job for most things…. and it’s FREE!