They’re finally finished!


I got the idea for this series a while ago and was fortunately able to get them finished in time for Toronto ComiCon last week.


I’ve mentioned before some of the background to the Legend of Zelda lore and the mythos of the Triforce. It this series I wanted to draw the parallels between the characters and the themes they represent, in figure and expression.

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Hello everyone!

So this year it’s actually happening. I’m going to have a artist booth at Comic Con Niagara Falls!

I’m also hoping to hit up a few more conventions  this summer as well. I’ll keep you posted as to which ones.


Anyway, I thought I would celebrate the occasion with an appropriately geeky piece. This one features Link fighting the Infernal Dinosaur (Seriously I wish I had a title like that!) King Dodongo.

It’s a funny thing about video games in that when you play you think “Ok it’s a slow-moving boss with a rolling attack and I kill it by throwing bombs into it’s mouth.” Now if I was to be put into that situation in real life, my reaction might be something more akin to…. this.

I like to try and visualize them the way they would look if you were actually staring down the infernal gullet of a dragon as big as your house.


Fun fact: The first time my brother and I played this boss, we couldn’t figure out how to beat it at first and we took some hefty damage. After figuring it out, we finally beat him with exactly one quarter heart left (for those who haven’t played Zelda before that means one hit and we’re dead).

For the rest of the game, whenever we beat a boss with a quarter heart left, we referred to it as “Dodongo’s luck”.




Merry Christmas!

It’s been a while since I posted anything but I have a few pieces in the works.

I did feel I needed to get something out to celebrate Christmas though. I thought about the traditional Christmas scenes and stories and it seemed that one character has taken the back seat in recent years, that of Saint Joseph.

He’s really a fascinating character in that he is brought is as the foster father of Jesus and the wife of Mary but disappears by the time Jesus starts His ministry. Tradition holds that he died, relatively young by some accounts, and didn’t get to see Jesus as the man He would grow to be.

Yet he takes this responsibility with gladness. He is the guardian, the custodian, the protector, the defender of the Holy Family.

I know this piece looks a little somber but I had in mind the times where Joseph had to take on the role of protector. Their life was not an easy one and they were chased to Egypt out of fear for their lives while innocent children were slaughtered for their sake. This must have been a traumatic time for them. I can only imagine how hard that news would have come.

But all through, even though led by dreams and angles, Joseph led his family faithfully before God, trusting joyfully in His salvation.

For that, he is an inspiration to all believers for all time.