Heroic Characters

I love playing games. Sometimes, though, I have a hard time paying attention. This is not to say that I don't want to. On the contrary, in some cases I'm just trying too hard. My brother Jeremiah (our local GM, featured in the last frame) has started a blog for game masters. Consider this a [...]

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Not Just a Spiritual Experience

Or The Mind Blowing Implications of God in the Flesh. I was pondering a while back on the term “spiritual experience”. You may have heard it said (or said it yourself) that you need or enjoy a “spiritual experience”. It is often the phrase you will hear used when comparing different faiths or practices. Phrases [...]

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It's Boba Fett. AND HE'S RIDING A T-REX!!! Well here it is! I've been working on this one a while. My initial goal for this piece was trying to make the most awesome painting I could think of. So naturally I thought of Boba Fett.... ...Wielding a flaming sword... ....carrying the Ten Commandments.... [...]

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Once Upon a Time on Rodia

This poster features the characters of one of our Star Wars Role Playing Game campaigns. From top to bottom, Bones (a gran pirate and the recurring villain), Ra Narketh (human show fighter turned adventurer), Lyl Ribwydan (zabrack pirate princess), Twitch (rodian woodsman and big game hunter), Jay Legraz (human mechanic) and Dainyard Trevell (kel-dor rebel demagogue and political troublemaker).

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