The message of Easter is not about where Jesus is... but where He is not.

Happy Easter everyone!

I find it strange (and a little sad) that a lot of Christians don’t know how to celebrate Easter any more. If Christmas is an example of a holiday being engulfed in commercialism, Easter is in even worse shape as people barely even celebrate it with gifts!

On one hand, there are not a lot of traditions that people associate with the holiday’s origin. We know we are supposed to eat chocolate and candy (in the shape of eggs, for some reason), and that a rabbit is supposed to fit into the equation somewhere. I mean, yes, we know what the origins of the holiday are, but we don’t know our traditions are celebrating the origins. Things like eggs and chick are supposed to represent new life and resurrection, but few people actually know that.

So what does that mean to us? I believe to truly celebrate something, you have to understand it. You can’t celebrate Rememberance Day properly until you can understand the sacrifice of soldiers lives for you. Maybe you’ve lost a relative in combat, and the day suddenly becomes monumental to you.

The focus of Easter is not Christ’s birth, His life, His teaching nor His miracles. It is the resurrection.

The resurrection! Jesus not only died, but rose again! How awesome is that! Not only did He live. Not only did He heal. Not only did He die but he beat death itself. He proved His word true. He proved His authority and power. He proved that He is in control and He is on our side.

Oh and one last thing. He is alive now.

He is NOT in the tomb. He is NOT buried somewhere. He was NOT stolen from the grave. HE IS ALIVE.

(If you do not agree with the above statement, please refrain from calling yourself a Christian.)

This Easter, let’s get excited about the resurrection. Let us dance and sing about the fact that He is risen. For He is risen indeed.

About the artwork: This is something I did this morning during the service. It’s not flashy and may seem a bit tacky but it’s something I need to remind myself around Easter: He DID die. He did NOT stay long.

Happy Easter everyone!

Once Upon a Time in Rodia poster

From top to bottom, Bones (a gran pirate and the recurring villain), Ra Narketh (human show fighter turned adventurer), Lyl Ribwydan (zabrack pirate princess), Twitch (rodian woodsman and big game hunter), Jay Legraz (human mechanic) and Dainyard Trevell (kel-dor rebel demagogue and political troublemaker).

The story takes place on the planet of Rodia in the small town of Toria.

When Lyl’s pirate father is killed in a violent mutiny headed by Bones and his crew of gran thugs, she escapes, dumping their cargo in the process. She lands on the nearby planet of Rodia in an attempt to hide from her pirate pursuers who are hot on her trail, seeking revenge.

When the bloodthirsty gang finally corners Lyl in the Longsword tavern, the circus gladiator Ra Narketh comes to her aid.

Fleeing the scene of the riotous bar fight, the two collide with Jay, the local speeder repairman, and his friend Twitch, a rodian hunter from the nearby wilderness. Seeking refuge in Jay’s shop, our heroes are approached by Dainyard, a rabble rouser seeking recruits to fight for the Rebel Alliance against the evil Galactic Empire.

The motley crew of quirky misfits become a team of aspiring heroes as they prove that even in a small town in a big galaxy, you can still make a difference.